Brant Chaisson; renderer, design consultant, 'imagineer'

If you need a rendering to help bring a new project into your office, progress renderings of a project you already have, or a final presentation rendering, I can help.

During design phase, I can sit down with you, or you and your client, to do quick 3-D sketches by hand, on the spot. From there I can create a 3D drawing to any level you want, from quick pencil or computer sketch to full-color 3D rendering.

If you're in need of sketches/renderings/marketing/3-D drawings to help explain what you're doing, to folks who have trouble reading plans, I can help you.


I am a self-employed, largely self taught for artwork and renderings, one man operation. 

I do architectural rendering and commercial art using a variety of methods as the situation and end result require: pencil, pen and ink, watercolor, markers, computer programs, etc. 

Over the years I've added digital imaging via computer and digital photography to do the entire drawing or to augment sketches done by hand.

Most of the drawings shown below were designed by me and done "by hand". 

Some of the examples below were at least partially generated with the help of computer software.

Click on thumbnails to bring up an enlarged image:

Land Planning:

This is a plan for a "mixed use" development, and rendered for marketing purposes.


Below are more examples of renderings/building designs, some in cooperation with other architecture firms:


Brant Chaisson


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Brant D. Chaisson, Architect, P.A. Florida Licensed Architect - Professional Association

B.Arch. (Professional Degree): University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Master's of Science in Urban and Regional Planning: Florida State University

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